The field of cosmetology and dermatology has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade ad is ever evolving with new procedures , techniques and lasers being launched all the time .

It's said that the body is the temple of the mind and a healthy body harbours a evolving soul so in recent times the emphasis on looking right has become paramount and understandably so .

At cosmasure we provide a complete solution to all our patients and clients whether it's that youthful look you are after or if ageing gracefully is your thing we provide customised solutions and expert advice at par with latest international standards .

Dr.Amarendra Pandey

When it comes to skin and hair people often get misled by unqualified personel,here say remedies and gimmick marketing of beauty products and companies often causing excessive harm to their inherent akin and hair profile, we at cosmasure plan to change all this for our patients and clients by providing comprehensive solutions to all your skin and hair problems and conditions

We never compromise on quality and have the latest and us fda certified equipment only in our clinic like helios 3 nd yag hyperpigmentation and tatoo removal Laser from USA
Milesman permanent hair removal/reduction laser from USA
Duet Rf skin tightening and facial rejuvenation laser from Europe

Wenspecialise in botox ,HA fillers, peels , non surgical thread lifts just to name a few

Furthermore we have an array of expert and qualified specialists including plastic and cosmetic surgeons , dieticians and with a dermatologist who is internationally trained and qualified the patients /clients hae the best of both the worlds since we are the only clinic to offer a dedicated department of plastic surgery and an attached operation theater in our set up

Patient safety and satisfaction remain paramount and we counsel our patients maintaining the highest degree of ethics and complete insight into the procedures and techniques being performed

The skin is the largest and the most visible organ of the body and as we say at cosmasure when it's your skin be 100% sure trust only professionals. .Trust Cosmasure

Mission statement

Cosmasure aims to provide world class and cutting edge nd state of the art services in dermatology and cosmetology at par with international norms and standards while maintaining patient safety and satisfaction as our prime focus



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