The DUET RF system provides 2 focused advanced radiofrequency technologies – Fractional RF skin resurfacing and Thermal RF deep dermal tissue tightening and remodeling.

DUET RF is based on the focused advanced radiofrequency technology. Fractional RF and Thermal RF systems can be used in combination or separately, and maximizes the effectiveness of treatment for various indications. A specially designed hand piece, with a choice of tips together with adjustable power control ensures the right treatment modality can be safely selected to match the various clinical indications.

Duet Fractional RF

Provides unique AFMR (Advanced Fractional Multi-Polarity Radiofrequency) technology, with the choice of three different density tips. The flexibility in treatment parameters means Duet can deliver mild sub-ablative skin resurfacing treatment all the way through to advance fractional epidermal ablative with deep dermal necrosis regions that promote more effective collagen remodeling, rivaling many traditional resurfacing treatments.


Advanced Multi-polarity Radiofrequency

Delivers precise RF energy while allowing the user the flexibility to select the density and RF intensity to match patient/client needs. Focused RF energy transfers heat to the deep dermal layer more efficiently than traditional laser treatment. A very minimal spot size through the epidermis allows to transfer and spread heat energy deeper into the dermis. The energy permeates to a depth of 400 to 600 microns, allowing it to remain in the dermal layer longer and aid in collagen ÿber regeneration.

NTTS (Non-pole Thermal Transpiration Structures) system is a technology that uniformly delivers RF thermal energy into both the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. NTTS provides a non-invasive treatment that immediately contracts collagen and fibrous septa while stimulating the formation of new collagen, which occurs over a 12-week period, providing a tighter more youthful-looking appearance.

Advanced mono-polar radiofrequency

Unlike other RF skin tightening devices, our NTTS system delivers the energy indirectly through a polyamide film, delivering the energy uniformly into the targeted tissue.

Because the NTTS system delivers the RF energy broken up into a series of small packets through the epidermis, the epidermis is protected, however the diffused accumulation of the RF energy in the deeper layers results in targeted heating. This enables our NTTS system to achieve a higher internal temperature than other devices while protecting the epidermis from any adverse reaction. This treatment produces immediate collagen contraction and collagen fibrous septa shrinkage, while the visual remodeling effect will continue for up to 3 months.




    Enlarged Pores

    Hypertrophic Skin Texture




    Acne scars



    Two major functions in one unit

    Reasonable equipment & tip price

    Improved tip’s useful life

    Fractional RF: 1000 shots

    Thermal RF: 2,000 shots(NS) and 60 min(NC, NCE)

    Various tip types-> Customized treatment is possible

    Possibly apply stable and equal RF energy to target area

    Short treatment time: about 20 minutes

    Absolute results

    Less side effects



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